Birthday Tourist Game

I had no idea what to get my boyfriend for his birthday. I knew he would be coming to visit for the long weekend, so I knew we would do something special while he was in town to celebrate. The only problem was, the more restaurants and local activities I Googled, the longer my list of ideas became and the less I knew how to choose something he would really enjoy. Then, it dawned on me - I could make it into a surprise game to play throughout the weekend.

First, I bought gold envelopes and white index cards from Paper Source. I narrowed down my categories of grouped items into things like: Brunch, Dinner, Rainy Day Activities, Sunny Day Activities, etc. and had 3 or 4 places selected for each category. I even tossed in a "You Decide" card, to give him the option of opening two cards in one category (in case he didn't like the first card's suggestion).

After writing on one side of the card, I realized the back of the card was the perfect spot to draw a cute illustration. I printed several photos of us, and cut and pasted the faces (just too funny to resist including!) 

The result? We had such a really great time and it was so exciting not knowing what was next! By Monday evening, he had opened all the envelopes just to see my illustrations. What a fun way to explore the city that was a surprise for everyone involved.