Castle on Glen | Elmira, New York


On our girls getaway to the Finger Lakes, myself, Katie of Stories My Suitcase Could Tell, and Erin of 10 Miles Behind Me felt like royalty while staying at Castle on Glen. This Tudor-style house is a three bedroom bed and breakfast located in the suburbs of Elmira, New York. Just a 4 hour drive from Manhattan, Castle on Glen is a great place to spend your first couple nights when exploring the towns of ElmiraCorning, Hammondsport, and Watkins Glen.


The Accommodation

As a bed and breakfast, Castle on Glen is fully furnished and equipped with everything you might need (including towels and linens). Built in 1927, the exposed wooden beams, hardwood floors, and plush couches and chairs give the home a cozy feel.


The decor is eclectic, but one thing is for certain: there are plenty things (books, DVDs and, of course, free WiFi) to keep you preoccupied during your stay.


In the late summer, the deck was the perfect place to enjoy our breakfast and lunch.


In all, the house has three large bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. 


The most unique feature of Castle on Glen was the treasure hunt the proprietor, Kitty, had set up for our stay. Erin, Katie and I grabbed a glass of wine (okay, several) and donned the costumes we found hanging in the upstairs hallway. We made our way around the house, solving the clues until we found our hidden prize.


Across the street from Castle on Glen, you'll find the Enchanted Cottage on Glen. This more contemporary sister property to Castle on Glen also has three bedrooms.



In addition to a sweet handwritten note, Kitty left us with a freshly baked blueberry crumb cake for the morning.


Within driving distance, you'll find Charlie's Cafe, a great place to grab a burger with friends.


Perfect For

Families and small groups of friends.



Castle on Glen is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood in the city of Elmira, New York. It's very close to Elmira College, which is the home of the Center for Mark Twain Studies.


I was graciously invited to stay at Castle on Glen as a guest of Mark Twain Country. As always, all opinions are my own.

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