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You know you’re in for a different kind of stay when a large robot arm is the first thing you notice when you enter the lobby of your hotel. This robot in particular manages a secure luggage storage room. At just $2 per bag, it's a great way to ensure your belongings are safe while you're out exploring. It's just one of the futuristic amenities the YOTEL New York City offers its guests.

The Accommodation

There is no check-in desk at the YOTEL, rather, a row of self-service kiosks on the ground floor where you’ll check-in and print your room key. Use it to ride the elevator to the actual lobby.

We ultimately found our way upstairs to our Premium Queen Cabin on the 25th floor. The lack of light switches gave us a few moments of confusion (and laughter). We found a dial that turned the room every color of the light spectrum except white. The bed was unique in that it converts into a more upright couch shape at the touch of a button.

My expectations for the amount of space in a Midtown Manhattan hotel room were low, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was more than ample space for two in this room category.

There was a small desk overlooking the street and Hudson River and the bathroom had a floor length window with the same view.

Unfortunately, when we returned to our room later that evening, we could immediately tell our neighbors had been smoking. The smell had pervaded our room, including the work clothes we set out for the next morning. Security was quick to arrive, and after assessing the situation, agreed we should probably ask to move rooms. The front desk agent secured us a different room on the 8th floor just before midnight. I was reluctant to give up the view, but forgot all about it once I entered the VIP Terrace Suite. I couldn’t believe it!

There was a living area with a flat screen TV, stereo system and leather couch. The doors and windows around two sides open and lead out to an expansive wrap around porch. It was so fun to pretend I had my own glamorous apartment in the city, even if it was only for one night.

Courtesy  Yotel NYC Hotel

The oversized soaking tub really made me wish I had more time here.

The terrace extends to the bedroom, where you'll find a hot tub. It was out of service for the winter, so I had to imagine how magical it must be to soak there among the skyscrapers in the summertime.


On FOUR, the concierge level, you'll find the bar and restaurant, called Green Fig.

We stopped by the bar for a nightcap. My Johnny Appleseed, a whiskey-based drink, came with a slice of maple-glazed bacon on it.

Though I didn't venture long outside (it was January) I snuck a peek at the large outdoor terrace space. It looked like there was ample seating.

Courtesy  YOTEL NYC

Courtesy YOTEL NYC


After finishing dinner at Larb Ubol, a Thai restaurant in Hell's Kitchen, we made our way to Times Square.

There's no better way to experience the craziness of Times Square than sitting smack dab in the center of it on a weekday night.

Taxis honk and ambulance sirens wail. Million dollar ads scroll across billboards spanning several stories. Police officers on horses gallop by. Elmo removes his head and takes a smoke break. A man dances around to imaginary music and yells "Chaka Kahn!" while posing for bystanders.

Perfect For

Couples and singles with a sense of humor.


The YOTEL NYC is conveniently located a short walk away from Times Square in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.


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