Tea for Two: Rooibos Tea

High tea is a proper afternoon affair at the Victoria Falls Hotel. After I returned to home to the U.S., I made it my mission to find the delicious tea I sipped long after tea time was over at the hotel I stayed at in Zimbabwe.


Rooibos, or, red bush, is an herbal tea that contains no caffeine. I find its flavor is naturally sweet, mild, earthy, and calming. Grown only in the Western Cape province of South Africa, it's the leaves of this special bush (above) that are harvested, crushed, and made into tea. Many South Africans grow up sipping rooibos and milk in their baby bottle from a young age. It can also be found in natural beauty products.


If you're traveling to South Africa, make sure you leave room in your carry-on for the Five Roses Honey and Rooibos tea. And, if you're based in the U.S., try looking for rooibos (sometimes called "red tea") at your local grocery store or order online from Republic of Tea.

Have you ever tried rooibos tea? Let me know what you think of it in a comment below.