Holiday Travel Tips

(Photo by  Lamusa )

(Photo by Lamusa)

Traveling with millions of other Americans this weekend is unavoidable, especially since I'm going through two major airports.  But, I can offer some tips for making the most of your time in transit:

Pack light, pack smart. Gate checking bags at the side of the plane (on some smaller, regional flights) is still free, so save your money and use it elsewhere - to buy a book, meal, or even a manicure!

Pies are permitted through security (yum!) but other items like cranberry sauce, dip, jam, salsa, soup, and maple syrup, are not.

Prepare yourself for long lines and waits, though security, and beyond. Keep your quart size bag of 3oz or smaller liquids in your purse, along with your laptop if you are carrying one. Then, you can easily pull them out and place them in separate bins when the time comes to pass through.

Once I'm through security and I still have time to kill, I typically grab a bite to eat, buy a new book to read, or charge my laptop or ipod.  Did you know you can also get a manicure or a quick massage?  To find out if your airport has a spa, try this list by Travel to Wellness.

Be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Marie Frei

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