Virgin America: BOS to SFO Review

I've flown 3 separate occasions on Virgin America, and each time has exceeded my expectations.  Virgin America projects an image that makes their passengers feel like they are traveling in style - even for those passengers sitting in economy.  With their bright red logo and sleek check-in counters, how can you deny it?  Flying is fun again.


  • Very small terminal and seating area at Logan

  • Easy check-in with stylish boarding pass design

  • The airline has their own TSA security line/terminal at Logan International in Boston, however, the security process was slow(with only 1 lane open for 2 plane loads of people)

  • Only 2 restroom stalls in the terminal

  • No food offered at the terminal in Logan (except for one Cosi outpost selling pre-made sandwiches)


  • Leather seats

  • Tilting touch screens with satellite tv, games, Google Maps (that shut off, which key for getting some zzz's). Remote control is accessible without taking it out of the arm rest holster.

  • There is Wi-Fi (for a fee)

  • Electrical outlets beneath your seat makes charging gadgets simple

  • Plenty of overhead bin space and under seat space (ample leg room)

  • All things have to be purchased on a touch screen on-board (clients deferred to the touch screen when asking flight attendants for service)

  • No free snacks

  • 1 round of beverage service in 6 hours

  • Hole in armrest for remote control is awkward to rest elbow on

  • Backs of plastic seats are thin/cheap like the tray table

  • I had a broken piece of earbud in headphone outlet of my seat’s armrest so they asked me if I wanted to change seats

  • The restrooms at the back of the plane were easy to access

Marie Frei

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