World Rhino Day

On World Rhino Day, many bloggers and media outlets will cover stories about the five rhinoceros species that are in desperate need of our help. For added emphasis, they'll include horrifying statistics like "One rhino is poached every 8 hours in South Africa" and "Kruger lost 10% of its rhino population to poaching last year" along with "There are only four northern white rhinos left in the world". To better understand why rhinoceros are in the predicament they are in and how we are driving this creature to the brink of extinction, one needs to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

One of the beautiful rhinos I encountered at  Thornybush

One of the beautiful rhinos I encountered at Thornybush

In the new lived documentary film HORNDr. Reina-Marie Loader of Cinéma Humain approaches the subject of rhino poaching in South Africa from different angle. By investigating and exploring the social and economic conditions the communities on the outskirts of the parks and reserves where rhino poaching is rife, one can begin to understand how this issue has spiraled into a crisis over the last eight years. Now, men and women in anti-poaching units risk their lives to not only protect wildlife, but to fight for better life for their loved ones. By supporting the community-based organizations that are offering healthcare, education, and training in the fields of tourism and hospitality, communities are better empowered to become custodians of wildlife.

HORN premiers in New York City on October 24th.