#NYisWILD: Queens Zoo

flushing corona park.jpg

After a two hour subway ride from Brooklyn to Queens, my visit to the Queens Zoo was not off to great start. After passing a sign at 111 Street Station pointing me in the right direction of the Zoo, I realized there wasn't going to be much to help guide my way through the residential area after that. The Queens Zoo is located within Flushing Corona Park, most widely known as the 1964 World’s Fair. Attractions like the New York Science Center and the Queens Museum are close by.

queens zoo entrance.jpg

The park itself was quiet and the entrance to the Zoo is fairly inconspicuous. Once you step inside, you’re transported into a densely vegetated North American forest. The well manicured landscape was something that really stood out while I made my way around the walkway which loops around the park.

marie frei queens zoo.jpg

The walk was short and the number of species from North and South America seemed on par with the Prospect Park Zoo, so you don’t need much more than an hour or two to see the whole park. The park was the least busy out of the four I visited and I didn't see many staff members while I explored.

Highlights include the geodesic dome (a remnant from the World's Fair), the wolves (5 cubs were born in 2014) the seal pond, the buffalo, and the Canadian lynx.

queens zoo bald eagle.jpg
queens zoo seal.jpg
wolf pups queens zoo.jpeg
queens zoo atmosphere.jpg

If you like barnyard animals, make sure to stop by the children’s zoo. It's located across from the main zoo and has a separate entrance.