A Day in the Dunes

The more I travel, the harder it is to pinpoint my favorite place. One thing is for certain: the vast, arid regions of Namibia always rank at the top. It's the freedom to drive for hours without seeing another soul. It's the wind whipping my hair with the windows rolled down. It's the simple pleasure of sinking my bare feet into soft, warm sand. Here are some scenes from last year's trip to Namib-Naukluf National Park.

Honored in 2013, Namib-Naukluf is Namibia's second World Heritage Site. Although this park looks desolate at first glance, it's home to more life than you might think. The occasional ostrich, springbok, jackal, and oryx can be spotted roaming around. 


It's worth the pre-dawn wake up call in order and climb to the top of Dune 45 in order to sit and watch as a sea of golden dunes illuminates before you. The second major attraction in the park is Sossusvlei, a dead-end salt pan featuring petrified trees, which appear to be reaching for the sky from out of the wrinkled clay. 

 For early morning access to the park, stay at NWR's Sesriem Campsite or Wilderness Safari's Little Kulala lodge. These two camps offer exclusive access before the park gates open to the general public. 


Most of all, don't forget your camera. The whole park is a photographer's wonderland.

Marie Frei

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