Music Monday: Vusi Mahlasela

South Africa observed Freedom Day today, the national holiday commemorating the first post Apartheid elections held on April 27th, 1994. For today's Music Monday, I was keen to know a little more about "The Voice" of South Africa,  Vusi Mahlasela. Growing up in a township outside of Pretoria, Vusi was influenced by American music like Motown and James Brown, as well as African musicians, like 

Miriam Makeba and Fela Kuti. He is known for his songs about freedom and kindness, and is just one example of many South African artists and musicians who used their creative talents to express their views during the Apartheid movement. Here's a clip from one of his TED performances: 

For more on Vusi and the Apartheid experience, watch him travel around his hometown with fellow South African Dave Matthews on Series from South Africa: Part 4.  Then, see him join the DMB live performance of Everyday here

Marie Frei

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