One Carry-On in Norway

While I love stuffing my face with delicious Thanksgiving food as much as the next person, I've got a special reason to be extra excited and thankful this year. Thursday evening, I'm departing for Norway on Norwegian Air.

I purchased a cheap flight by forgoing pre-departure seat selection, in-flight meals, and checked baggage. Little does Norwegian know, I love taking my carry-on wherever I go, so this works out perfectly! Plus, I've been reading reviews on RouteHappy, and I hear the prices on their in-flight menu aren't too exorbitant, either.

Norwegian Airlines has emailed me twice before my trip to give me some information, including the Top 10 Things to do in Oslo. Since it's my first time traveling in Scandinavia, I think that's a nice touch.  I've also started curating a list of Norwegian highlights on AFAR to serve as my guide for when I arrive. Browsing photographs of the cuisine, the architecture, the waterfront, and the forests has been a huge inspiration to me lately, and I'm sure the photos don't even do this country's natural beauty justice. This is going to be a great trip!

Marie Frei

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