Open Switzerland

Stumbling upon the Open Switzerland project, which creatively questions the country's "openness"to the rest of the world, was such great timing today.  In particular, these images made me smile:

So, why the great timing?  I'm in them midst of planning a special trip to Switzerland with my father, to visit our friends and relatives.  I haven't been to Switzerland since I was little and I was too young to remember a lot about the trip.  What I do remember, I loved: savoring my first croissant with jam, taking the ferry and cog train to ascend Mt. Rigi, and my grandfather's fast walking pace as he zig-zagged between and behind Basel's trams.  My father hasn't traveled to his homeland for over ten years, and I'm really excited to hear his stories, compare and contrast how things have changed, and retrace my roots with him.  Have you ever traveled to trace your family roots?

Marie Frei

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