Causes to Care About: Rhino Poaching Continues

I wrote a rather long post about the subject of rhino poaching in the past, so today, I'm going to keep it short.  South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs announced yesterday the number of rhinos poached in 2012 (455) has already surpassed the total number of rhinos poached in 2011 (448). 

One of the coolest moments I have ever had on safari was seeing my first rhino.  We rounded a bend on the maid road in iSimangaliso and were left completely speechless as the car came within a few feet of a grazing rhino.  If the demand for their horns from Asia continues, our future generations will never know how amazing and thrilling it is to see one of these creatures up close.

I also don't want this post to be a huge downer.  More poachers have been arrested than last year.  On the conservation front, the Black Rhino Range Expansion Programme (BRREP) has successfully relocated 13 rhinos to new homes in KwaZulu-Natal in an effort to keep them safe and to keep the species breeding.   

Isn't this video amazing?  For more information on donating to a cause that really do help with conservation efforts, please check out those listed on Project Rhino KZN.

Marie Frei

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