Best Drives in Cape Town

While living in Boston, I never once missed having access to a car.  There were cabs, trains, bicycle lanes, and people-friendly sidewalks.  Then, I moved to Cape Town and my feelings changed.  I quickly realized, if I wanted to see the sights around the Cape Peninsula, I was going to need a car to do it.  Here are some of my favorite drives, all within a short distance from one another.

Chapman's Peak, or "Chappies" as it's affectionately called here, is one of the most scenic drives in the world and the sunset drive to take when visiting Cape Town.  The road hugs the Atlantic seaboard and connects Noordhoek to Hout Bay (for a small toll).  There are several places to stop and admire the view (and you might even spot a whale or two this time of year!)  

Boyes Drive connects Westlake to Kalk Bay, winding above the False Bay coastline.  The road runs parallel to Main Road, bypassing Muizenberg and St. James.  Due to road construction in Kalk Bay, this has also been a detour for a few months.  I think road construction is one of those universal things that takes ages no matter where you live!  But detour or not, Boyes Drive is a stunning view in the earliest hours of the day when the sun peeks over the Hottentots Holland mountains off in the distance.  There are several points to pull over and stop at, entrances to hiking trails up the mountain side, and a Shark Spotter stationed up here (more about this program soon!)

Yeah, it's a mouthful, and even I struggle to pronounce this road's name!  If you mention the 'Old Cape Road' to anyone from the area, they'll know which direction to point you in.  Ou Kaapse Weg runs over the mountain separating Lakeside from Noordhoek, cutting through Silvermine Nature Reserve. A stunning, sweeping view of the entire Southern Suburbs, from False Bay to the foothills of Table Mountain, will make your jaw drop (my photo doesn't do it justice!)  When the fynbos is flowering in the springtime, pulling over in Silvermine makes for a great place to picnic and to hike.

How about you, where are your favorite drives?

Marie Frei

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