Kenya’s South Coast

This time last year, I was on my usual cold and cloudy subway commute to work in Boston, reading a small paperback book.  It was a Kenya safari field guide that I’d picked up from a supply closet in our office.  I’d repeat the Swahili phrases in my head and daydream about campfire stories with the Maasai, or spotting giraffe and elephants with the icecap of Mount Kilimanjaro peeking out in the background. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to Kenya – my first time to East Africa.  I’ve heard lots of good things (and recently, some not so great things – yes, I’ve read the travel warnings) and I’m curious to see how different it is to Southern Africa – the people, the environment, and the animals!  I’ll be spending some time on the GVI Expedition on the South Coast, and I’m sure I’ll meet lots of big personalities on the childcare projects in Mombasa.  Wish me luck! :)


Photos via GVI

Marie Frei

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