Wildlife at Spier

Spier is known for their wining and dining experience, but I think one of the highlights of a visit to their property is checking out the Cheetah Outreach project (Editor's Note: this has now moved off the Spier property and is located near Somerset West).  

While we were standing on a raised balcony overlooking the cheetah enclosures, we struck up a conversation with a volunteer named Patrick.  He let us join one of the cheetah tours already in progress.  When it was finished, he asked if we’d like to hang around a little bit longer to meet some of the animals.  Of course we would!

He took us around to see the jackal, the caracal, two active little meerkats, and our last (and favorite)stop was to see the bat-eared foxes.  What soft fur they had, with those large ears and little black eyes.  Patrick shared with us that he and his wife have been volunteering on their weekends with the sanctuary for nearly 13 years!  He was so friendly and very informative, and he made it an experience I know the three of us will never forget.

Marie Frei

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