Weekend Walk in Green Point Park

There is a really nice promenade on the Atlantic side of Cape Town that begins near Sea Point and winds down towards Cape Town Stadium.

Finishing at the Mouille Point lighthouse, there is a tiny gelato shop near the corner of Surf and Surry, or for a bigger meal, the Newport Deli and Market.  The promenade is the perfect place in Cape Town to run or take a Saturday morning stroll. 

Also, in the area is newly open Green Point Park, Cape Town’s own Central Park.  It’s a 12.5 hectare area that includes a rolling lawn, and a fantastic biodiversity garden. There is a pond with water that flows underneath (and next to) parts of the main walkway that the kids love to run through and play in. I can tell the city really put in a good effort to make this park a place you want to spend half a day, so it’s worth bringing the whole family for a picnic sometime soon!

Marie Frei

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