Spier Harvest Festival

The girls and I went to Spier for the day to attend their annual Harvest Festival.  Spier is a fairly well known vineyard and has a well developed and planned facility for hosting events and tour groups.  The R60 entrance fee included a wine glass and 5 tickets, to be used for tastings or activities (grape stomping, face painting, etc.)  Their lawn was decorated with hay stacks, gingham blankets, and old doors repurposed as table tops.

It was so hot outside, we opted for drinking their Creative Block #2.  This wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes, in the style of a white Bordeaux. It quenched my thirst, but, isn’t the best wine I’ve had since moving to South Africa.

Of course, we were joined by some friends, both small and large (eeek!) :)

Marie Frei

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