Arderne Gardens

On my first trip into town, I asked my roommates what Arderne Gardens were, because there were cars parked up and down the street at the entrance for a wedding party.  None of them had actually ventured inside, and the thought of living near a park and not exploring it baffled me!  So, the next weekend, I persuaded them to take a detour while on our walk to town into the gardens.

I call it the Alice in Wonderland garden, because there are surprises around every corner.  The path first winds around a huge tree (a Moreton Bay Fig , the biggest tree in the Western Cape and one of the biggest trees in South Africa).  I feel like I’ve shrunk when I stand next to its giant roots.  Further up the path, the palm trees make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.  There are bushes of (what look like) hydrangea everywhere the eye can see.  Apparently six of the trees in the Arderne Gardens are officially recognized as “Champion Trees” meaning, they’re really old, and therefore, awesome.  This week, I joined the Friends of the Arderne Gardens.  I’m excited to work with them, not only in the garden, but to also be able to apply some of my knowledge and experience in the tourism and marketing fields anywhere they might need it.  It feels great to be working towards goal number 15 – invest in my local community – by helping them out.

Marie Frei

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