Singing Beach

For those Bostonians without cars, finding a suitable beach to sunbathe, let alone swim, can be a bit of a challenge. Ask anyone where the best beach is and most will direct you to the Cape. But I just knew there had to be something more accessible, something the train could take me to.  After asking a few friends for advice, Mark and I took the Commuter Rail to Manchester-by-the-Sea to see what Singing Beach  was all about.


The beach was filled with sand like brown sugar, emerald waves, and beautiful people... I was beyond thrilled!  Considering it was only a 40 minute train ride away, this secluded gem is one of the best beaches on the North or South Shore.  The strict parking rules, $5 per person entrance fee, and the number of BMW's in the parking lot let me know that this town takes the quality of their beach seriously.  My only disappointment?  That I discovered it right at the end of summer!

A proper beach day always includes a stop for ice cream. Why the name "Singing" Beach?  Because of the noise the sand makes when you walk on it!  Press play (and turn up your volume) to find out for yourself.

Marie Frei

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