The Best Greasy Spoon Brunches in Boston

Nothing feels better after a late night out than rolling out of bed and heading out for a big brunch (the unhealthier the better!)  My go-to hole in the wall is Leo's Place, a quick jaunt across the Charles River to Cambridge (Harvard Square T Stop). 

(photo via  artfulvagabond )

(photo via artfulvagabond)

I am never disappointed by their challah bread french toast.  If stopping in for lunch, they have a wide variety of root-beers to choose from (something I never put much thought into selecting until I arrived at Leo's!)

My second favorite greasy spoon to brunch at is The Breakfast Club in Allston (270 Western Avenue). This tiny diner is decorated with Eighties movie posters (think Goonies, Indiana Jones, and their namesake, the Breakfast Club), old school lunchboxes, and of course, Eighties music blasting in the background. 

(photo by  Cha Cha W ) 

(photo by Cha Cha W

Make sure to get to both of these places before 11am, because there is often a wait for a seat!

Marie Frei

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