(Airline) Food Revolution

I just became number 268,067 to sign the petition and join Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. If you haven't caught the show Friday nights on ABC, you can pause here, and watch it right now Hulu.  I'll wait :)

Basically, the celebrity chef is challenging the public school systems in America to make a change for the better - to serve more fresh food, and less processed food.  This made me think... what about airline food?

Some of the meals I've had flying economy class internationally could use a similar "revolution".  Even with efforts to improve the quality of food you can purchase on-board (now that meals are rarely included with your economy ticket), I still think it's best to scout the terminal for something you can buy there and eat later.  (The photo above is from "Airport as a Tomato Sees It" and has answered all my questions about how airline food gets from the factory to my tray table.)

Marie Frei

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