Three Great Podcasts to Listen to Now

Whether I'm commuting to work, waiting for my next flight, or on a nice long car trip, you can bet I've got a podcast waiting in my iPhone to listen to. They're free, funny, and sometimes, I even learn a thing or two while I'm listening. Here are a few of my favorite podcasts for you to download in anticipation of your next trip:

Stuff You Should Know, from

Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark have the best down-to-earth personalities and on-air chemistry to blow away even the worst Monday blues.  Their humorous dialogues and their offbeat topics are what make this podcast one that I look forward to every week.  Informative and delightfully random, past topics range from "How Noodling Works" (cat-fishing with your arm, who knew!) to "How Braille Works" to "How Narco States Work" and more.  I always learning something, even when they discuss the subjects I thought I already knew.  There's a reason this podcast continues to be on the iTunes Top 10 week after week.

"Doing Business In...", from The Economist

The quick synopsis of what to expect when doing business in an international city, told in a foreign accent (which makes it sound that much more sophisticated).  Recent episodes include Tel Aviv, Vancouver, Cairo, and Buenos Aires.  While I'm sure their other podcasts are full of enriching content, my work in travel means learning about foreign cultures, and what better way to learn about these cultures by learning how they do business.  From airport arrival, to local cuisine, to negotiating contracts... this is a must to listen to, especially if you work abroad.

This American Life, from WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

No list of great podcasts is complete without mentioning the king of all podcasting - Ira Glass.  I can hear him now, "Each week, we bring you stories around a particular theme..." and so forth.  This is the only podcast that has made me spontaneously smile, nearly brought me to tears, and made me think - about life, death, family, relationships, and everything else in-between - well after the show was over.

Marie Frei

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