Canada, I Believe

I'm back from a brief blog hiatus while I was traveling around Vancouver, Canada.

As the third largest city in Canada and nearly two weeks away from the Olympics, it did not disappoint!  Everyone I met - from the cab drivers, to the grocery store cashiers, to the locals on the street - was not shy about sharing their sentiments of national pride. In fact, they seemed to be genuinely disappointed I couldn't stick around for the games.

I can only imagine what a big party it will be. The city planned for this event to leave a lasting legacy by designing eco-friendly LEED certified buildings.  They are even turning over their athlete housing development into low-income housing for the city once the games are complete.  I was lucky enough to stay at the Renaissance Harbourside Vancouver, overlooking the living roof of the Vancouver Convention Center (transformed into the International Broadcast Center for the Games).  For more information on the sustainability of the games, see the official Vancouver 2010 website.

No Canadian has ever won a Gold Medal while their country has hosted the Olympic Games but Canada, I believe!