It's November 1st - a new month, an extra hour...  seems like just the right time to take a moment and say hello.

I'm excited to share the sights, inspiration, and the simple things that I come across every day - whether I am walking to work in Boston, browsing the internet in my cozy pajamas, or out traveling the world.

I believe in enjoying the travel just as much as the destination. I almost never make important decisions when it is raining. I believe in talking to the guy (or gal) next to you. Hi! I'm Marie.

Marie Frei

One Carry-On is a blog managed by Marie Frei, a travel expert and photographer with a passion for exploring off the beaten path locations. The blog covers honest and personal stories about living and traveling as an American abroad, shares her global appreciation for culture and design, and promotes traveling to far-flung destinations with a carry-on as fun, affordable, and easy.