We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.
— Robert Louis Stevenson


I'm Brooklyn-based travel expert and photographer with a passion for destination exploration.

During my career in the travel industry, I helped plan everything from volunteer expeditions to luxury private tours on all seven continents. Yes, even small ship cruises to the Antarctic!

It was so exciting to witness clients of all ages transform their lives through travel. It inspired me to make my big change: moving to Cape Town, South Africa. That's when I started sharing my travel experiences on this blog.

After living and working abroad in South Africa for three years, I moved back home to New York City. Here, Fathom named me as one of their "13 Locals in the Travel Mindset". What can I say, I always have travel on the brain, even when I’m home ☺️

My industry knowledge and personal travel experience (30 countries and counting) are what make me an excellent resource for travelers interested in experiencing all angles of the destinations they visit.

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One Carry-On is for those travelers with a passion for exploring off the beaten path locations. The blog covers honest and personal stories about living and traveling as an American abroad, shares photography and blogging tips, and promotes traveling to far-flung destinations with a carry-on as fun, affordable, and easy.

One Carry-On is written by Marie Frei, a Brooklyn-based photographer who helps travel and non-profit brands communicate their unique stories. As a sub-Saharan Africa travel expert, she's created destination guides for AFAR, Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal, and Westin Hotels. She's also worked on freelance assignments for Skyscanner, the African Wildlife Foundation, Mongabay, and more.

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