Visual Travels

I've noticed a new trend in community-based travel websites and I really like the direction they're going in. Users are encouraged to produce curated travel pieces with emphasis on content and visually appealing photography.  In other words, you won't find any mobile phone photos here. Below is just a small sample of those that are utilizing this approach and have caught my eye:

I found Jungles in Paris via AFAR, and I trust their taste in travel sites.  This webzine utilizes their global network of writers and photographers to present focused stories on "culture, craft, geography, and wildlife around the world". I like that the posts are on the short side, so it's always a light and insightful read.

Let's Travel Somewhere wants to "capture the essence of every country on the planet through stunning photographs and gripping stories."  The layout and photography is captivating, and the written content equally superb.

You no longer need a degree in graphic design or photography to master the art of sharing a beautiful travel tip like your favorite travel magazine. TripTease is a new community-based website that wants you to create travel reviews worth reading.  Even if you don't have a great photograph of the highlight you want to write about, you can browse TripTease's own gallery of photos in order to choose the right photo to represent your story.

Anna, a writer, and Søren, a photographer, have combined their talents and produced short travel guides called 12hrs for full-day enjoyment and discovery in each of the cities they've highlighted.  It is an amazingly simple concept, and I would love to create my own guides just like theirs for the areas I know the best in Africa.

Marie Frei

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