Carry-On Style: WILL Leather Goods

The smell of men's cologne and pine needles lured me off the city street and into the wood and leather wonderland that is the Prince Street shop WILL Leather Goods. The leather backpacks hanging from the walls were calling to me, begging to be taken on an adventure. I found the quality and sturdy design of their leather goods impressive, but it was the story behind the brand that encouraged me to stay a little longer and learn more.

I could have guessed that WILL is headquartered in Oregon because their bags do reflect that rugged, Pacific Northwest style. The FOUND collection, threw me for a loop (in the best way), however. These limited edition bags and clutches that incorporate unique textiles and fabrics sourced from India, Mexico, and beyond. In addition, the Nolita shop also sells a few small, vintage leather items sourced from around North America.

For avid travelers like myself, WILL bags 100% lifetime guarantee is very appealing. I can imagine the wear and tear the Canvas & Leather Traveler Duffle would go through on one of my safaris, so it's nice to know they have your back in the (unlikely) event there are any defects.

I was also excited to hear that every WILL Leather Goods purchase helps support the Give WILL program. Every year, WILL donates backpacks to underprivileged K-5th grade students in America. The bags are not only a secure, durable way to protect their books and papers, but also serve as a reminder for children to reach and work hard towards their goals and dreams. In fact, there is even a blank space on the backpack for them to write their goal down. Give WILL's goal is to donate at least 500,000 backpacks in 5 years.

You can visit WILL Leather Goods stores in Portland (OR), Venice (CA), New York City (NY), and Detroit (MI) (coming this fall) and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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