A Quick Update

I'll get straight to the point: this has been an incredibly busy summer. I'm redesigning this website (long overdue) I can't wait to get it up and running. I've been traveling most weekends: to Montreal, Baltimore, Delaware, New York, and Connecticut (you can always follow along on Instagram). I'm also making big changes in my personal and professional life: the result of many months of patience, dedication, and love. Everything is moving in a positive direction and it feels great when hard work starts to pay off. However, it has also meant spending time away from updating this blog, which makes me sad.

While I'm preparing to get back on schedule with posts, I thought I could at least share a few special things I've contributed elsewhere. On the African Wildlife Foundation blog, I'm sharing some of my favorite safari memories from my time living and traveling around southern Africa. You can also follow along on the AWF Instagram. As well, the 2014/2015 AWF calendar recently mailed (a membership benefit) featuring Nature's Best Photography (these are some seriously stunning photos) and wildlife trivia (written by yours truly).

I hope you enjoy browsing these photos and anecdotes as much as I enjoy sharing them. Thanks so much for following along.

Marie Frei

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