One Country, Two Edits

The New York Times review says it all. "'Blended' is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). It will make your children stupid." The premise is simple: after a failed blind date, an American single mom (Drew Barrymore) and dad (Adam Sandler) are forced to get along when they bring their families on a South African vacation. Filmed at Sun City, a casino and leisure resort outside of Johannesburg, this movie is out of touch with reality:

Within the same week of the Blended premiere, South Africa Tourism released a new promotional video. For many travel writers and photographers, conveying the essence of such a diverse and unique country like South Africa can be a challenge. I think this video beautifully and accurately encapsulates what South Africa has to offer all of our senses:

Obviously both films serve different purposes and audiences, but what an interesting contrast of two depictions of the same country.

P.S. All of the highlights shown in these videos can be found within my AFAR Cape Town Guideand Justin's AFAR Johannesburg Guide . Check it out!

Marie Frei

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