Best Places to Picnic in Cape Town

I love nothing more than to spend a sunny day outside on a picnic.  When you live in a city like Cape Town, where there is no shortage of scenic views, it is awfully difficult to pick a place to picnic.  Access to fresh air, quiet space away from urban noise, and beautiful, green scenery are just a handful of things I look for when I'm selecting a location to relax.  These three locations meet all of my criteria, and are waiting for you to bring a blanket, yummy food, and a few good friends:

Green Point Park and Biodiversity Garden, Green Point

This garden is a phenomenal gem hidden behind the Green Point Stadium and the Atlantic Ocean.  Because Cape Town (and South Africa) is a biodiversity hot spot, the creation of this park was a part of the 2010 World Cup planning and combines a vast variety of plant life all in one space.  For picnic eats, I would stop by 

New York Bagel

in Sea Point, or the 

Woolworths Food

at the V&A Waterfront.

De Waal Park, Gardens

This park is a nice, quiet alternative to the Company's Gardens for neighbors and visitors.  Families and dog owners are drawn to this park for play-dates and picnics.  For picnic eats, I would stop by the


on Orange Street or the

Pick 'n Pay

in the Gardens Shopping Centre.

Arderne Gardens, Claremont, Cape Town by Marie Frei
Arderne Gardens, Claremont, Cape Town by Marie Frei

Arderne Gardens, Claremont

Around the other side of Table Mountain, you'll find my favorite place to sit and relax in Cape Town.  No matter how often I visit, I always notice a new tree or plant, which makes every visit special and unique.  If it's the weekend, I kick back and enjoy watching the festive wedding parties passing by, en route to having their photos taken.  I'll never forget

the birthday picnic

I enjoyed with my friends in this park.  For picnic eats, I would stop by the

Oakhurst Farm Stall

, located a bit further up Main Road in Kenilworth.

The best part? All of these parks are free, family friendly, and have space to wander around to burn some post-picnic calories.  Try to keep these spaces looking great for the next person to enjoy - that means disposing of your litter before you leave, picking up after your dog, and using recycling bins wherever possible.  Enjoy!

Marie Frei

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