Centenary Celebration

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens by Marie Frei
Kirstenbosch Gardens Sail font
Kirstenbosch Gardens Sail font

Happy 100th Birthday


!  Entry to the botanical garden was free all day today, and there are loads of events going on to celebrate their centenary throughout the year.  Did you know there is also a 

photographic competition

?  The grand prizes, two Canon cameras, look excellent.

From succulents and aloes, to indigenous trees and medicinal plants, a walk around Kirstenbosch is the best way to experience a wide variety of South African flora without leaving Cape Town.  It's also a great place to start or end a hike up Table Mountain.  For a bite to eat, I recommend reserving a

Garden Gourmet Picnic

from the

Kirstenbosch Tea Room

to enjoy on the grounds.  


 menu and the quality of everything the restaurant serves is so good, I would pay the entrance fee to go into Kirstenbosch just to visit the tea room.

Also, I know I missed last week's 


 (hikes) but I spent some time in NYC and DC meeting with some fantastic people and I'm excited to see what comes next.  I have a special post on lesser-known hikes around the Cape Peninsula brewing for a later date, so stay tuned ;)

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