Top 5 Useful iPhone Africa Travel Apps

When I think about going on vacation, I think about taking photographs of wild animals, sipping a cold Savanna at sunset, and enjoying the simple pleasures that spending time in nature entails.  The last thing on my mind is using my smartphone, however, I've found traveling with my iPhone can often enhance my travel experience.  Here are the top five apps I frequently refer to on the road:

I once had a point-and-shoot camera stop working on the second day of a two week vacation.  I was devastated.  I was also really glad I had my smartphone as a back-up.  I recommend trying Instagram (Free), Vine (Free) and  Adobe Photoshop Express (Free).  Instagram and Photoshop Express offer fun photo filters, while Vine is great for capturing short video memories.

The stars in the Southern Hemisphere always take my breath away.  When I'm camping and curious about what's above,  Star Walk ($2.99) tells me what I'm looking at.

Africa: Live (Free) is a must-have for anyone traveling to Kruger National Park. On an interactive map, you can report your animal sightings in real-time, as well as, see what others have spotted nearby. This is especially useful for self-drivers like myself who aren't qualified guides. The app also contains information about each animal, so study up if you want to impress your friends.

Water Advisor (Free) gives advice on the safety of drinking water by individual country, along with tips on how to treat water to make it drinkable.

I struggle to find a reliable weather forecast app, though it's quite possible the weather changes too often for the forecast to be accurate (especially on the Cape!)  I also use weather apps to help decide what I should pack.  I like the user interface of Weather Cube (Free) and the visual aesthetics of Solar ($.99), but when I really just want the nitty gritty forecast details, I use AccuWeather (Free).

Obviously these apps are intended to be used as guidelines, because no app can replace the real advice of parks officials, trained guides, local residents, etc.  While I've selected iPhone apps, many same or similar apps are available on Android.

 What apps do you find useful when you travel?

Marie Frei

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