My Big Announcement!

I'm really excited to announce the opening of my new photogra ph print shop.  Hooray!!  Why a print shop?  Because I love how photos capture the essence of a place and how places can evoke certain moods and feelings.  I'm most inspired when I'm outdoors, so that will be the primary theme of my shop.  I've carefully selected each photograph based on it's ability to look nice on a your wall, on a card, or on a canvas.  These are real, natural photos from the places I've traveled to.

Don’t know which print will suit your room? If you email me a straight-on, naturally lit photograph of the blank area and surrounding space, I will select three photos from my full collection and create a mock-up of what each might look like (like the examples below). The more clues I have about your taste and style, the better. We can work together to find the best print for your taste.  If you don’t like any of my suggestions, that’s okay, no harm done!  And if you love one (of course you will!), I'll send you the link to purchase.

I'll be refreshing the collection of prints each season, so right now, the theme of the shop is "Spring".  Brace yourself for some bright colors this summer!  Hopefully, you'll enjoy these photos as much as I do. (Me, shooting in Namibia /  Room 1 / Room 2 / Room 3)

Marie Frei

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