In Massachusetts

I've been so busy working and running errands with my dad since the start of the year.  When you throw in a few snow shoveling every week (or so it seems), you can understand that all I really want to do on the weekends is hibernate!  But, not last weekend. I drove up to Massachusetts to visit my newlywed friends Chris and Lizzy.

We had some lunch and then we packed Moseley (above, and how cute are his snow boots?!) in the car so I could have the grand tour of Conway and the surrounding woods of Massachusetts.  Did you know Bill Cosby lives in up there?  I found out that fun bit of trivia when we drove past his house (which was more like a sprawling estate, really).

Chris had a pair of snowshoes for me to try, and I'd actually never been snowshoeing before.  I don't know why, but I was imagining something out of a cartoon, like tennis rackets with shoe laces on my feet, and obviously snowshoeing is a bit more high-tech.  Technically, I didn't need the snowshoes, but it was fun to crunch around for a little while with them on.

We worked up an appetite, then drove to Northampton for dinner at Hinge, a cozy bar and burger kind of joint.  We also stopped in a few stores to browse, and while I usually prefer checking out the smaller, local shops, the Urban Outfitters is in a historic bank building with vaulted ceilings and is worth a browse.  

This day trip reminded why New England is so charming, even in the midst of a bitterly cold winter.  I don't think I've ever had so much fun in 16°F!

Marie Frei

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