Thinking of Newtown

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

As I turn off of Exit 9 on I-84, a handmade "Pray for Newtown ♥" sign welcomes me home for the holidays.  I pass twenty-six American flags waving gently in the sunshine outside the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire station.  A lump in my throat forms as these symbols and gestures are reminders of just how much last week's incident has impacted each and every one of us - as neighbors to Newtown, as Connecticut residents, and as Americans.

My TV is off and I'm not reading the news.  I'm spending time with my family and just letting Newtown 'be'.  Sometimes bad things happen in really wonderful places, and the last thing Newtown needs is to be in the spotlight right now.  I hope this weekend and upcoming holiday will provide them with the peace they need to begin to heal after such a terrible tragedy.

Marie Frei

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