Whale Tale

Every spring, Southern Right Whales travel to False Bay, and all along the Atlantic coast of Cape Town, for that matter.  Whales are even celebrated at an annual festival which took place few weekends ago in Hermanus.  Now I really wish I had a better zoom, because they've been playing quite close to the shoreline.  I recently went for a run along the walkway that lines the edge of the bay.  I was literally running parallel to a whale as it swam past, slapping its tail and raising a fin every now and then.  It's moments like that which make me stop and think about what a such a special place this is to be living.

P.S. While we're talking about whales... I'm loving the Whale Tail Ale by Boston Breweries.  It took me a while, but I'm discovering there are some great craft beers here in Cape Town.  More on this little tangent soon! :)

Marie Frei

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