This NY Times article on Cup of Jo about the increase of Americans using British words in their everyday vocabulary made me smile.  After working with British colleagues for the last two years (with the odd Aussie occasionally thrown in) I've noticed a slight shift in my own vocabulary.  Remember the time my roommate translated our shopping list?  I now sign all of my (less formal) work emails with "cheers", call my apartment my "flat", and I've even caught myself saying "rubbish" and "garage" (and I don't mean the place you park your car!)  The one thing I refuse to give up are my pronunciations, like how they will pronounce banana (buh-naah-nah) and tomato (toh-maah-toe).  It sounds silly to these American ears!  But that's all about the accent, really.  Have your travels changed the way you speak?

Marie Frei

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