Why I'm a Terrible Blogger



About a month ago, I attended the 2012 Getaway Magazine Travel Blog Conference. It was a great experience with lots of inspiring presentations, plus, it was nice to see a few familiar faces.  But something keeps nagging me about that day, and here is why:

1. What is One Carry-On?

I am asked this question often so it's about time I sit down and define this.  I struggle to do this, partly because I'm not really sure and partly because I am sure that I like so many things, I don't want to box myself in with a particular focus.  Does that make sense?  No?  Oh dear.

2. I'm not the blogger I want to be (yet)

In my head (and on paper) I keep notes of all the posts I want to write, the photos I want you to see, and the infinate number of activities I can share from my experience... but I don't share them.  I want to change that.

3. I'm not the kind of blogger they are

I met Natalie from WildJunket, Matt from LandLopers, Keith from Velvet Escape, and a bunch of other Cape Town creatives and bloggers. Watching a few of these professionals made me wonder who in the room was really paying attention, and who was trying to come up with the next brillant #gtbc tweet.  But to be fair, that's exactly what they are - professionals.  In many cases they earn a living off this stuff, like Melvin at Travel Dudes who was able to tell us, down to the penny, exactly how much his tweet is worth.  They are influencers who generate tourism revenue when they create hype using social media tools and blog about specific experiences or events.  Me? I'm sure I'm the last attendee to blog about this event.  I've got a career and personal life, which come before my blog (at this time).  And I'm okay with that. 

So there you have it.  In short, being a better blogger means being true to yourself (with less thinking and more doing!)  Many thanks to Getaway MagazineCape Town Tourism, the Upper Eastside Hotel, and all the guest speakers.

Marie Frei

One Carry-On is a blog managed by Marie Frei, a travel expert and photographer with a passion for exploring off the beaten path locations. The blog covers honest and personal stories about living and traveling as an American abroad, shares her global appreciation for culture and design, and promotes traveling to far-flung destinations with a carry-on as fun, affordable, and easy.