Moving South

I've been busy since landing back in Cape Town this winter (well, summer, for all the lucky readers in the Northern Hemisphere!)  I've moved down the peninsula to Muizenberg, a town on the False Bay coastline.  Why is it called False Bay?  Back when explorers and traders used to navigate around the Cape in bad weather, they often mistook this bay as having reached Cape Town's harbor, which is actually bit further and around the other side of the peninsula.  Hence, the name False Bay.

This moves me closer to the sun, surf, and sharks (more on this later!!) which I find all very exciting.  I'm right in the heart of Surfer's Corner, which is one of the best spots to learn to surf in the world (a great shout from National Geographic Adventure!) I look forward to sharing more updates on what makes this part of Cape Town unique and colorful, even during some of the quietest months of the year.

Marie Frei

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