Happy New Year

Wow, I am so behind and have so much to post about!  Luckily, the past few days have allowed me to actually have time to catch up, so I’m looking forward to sharing details from Kenya and my trip out to the Elephant Coast of South Africa soon soon soon!

But first, I hope everyone had a nice holiday and is feeling renewed and refreshed for the start of 2012.  2011 was an amazing year filled with so many highlights in and around Cape Town – waterskiing the week I arrived, two trips out to the winelands, two sunset trips up Table Mountain, two Kirstenbosch concerts, two great South African road trips up to the West Coast and later, the Elephant Coast, one grand jol through six different countries on the Put Foot Rally, visiting three GVI project sites in South Africa and Kenya, one new apartment, and many, many new friends!! Thank you and cheers to making 2012 even bigger and better!

Marie Frei

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