Cape Point

One Saturday not too long ago, I rented a car. The girls and I headed down to Cape Point (the Cape of Good Hope) for the day. I was a little apprehensive to drive on the left-hand side of the road, but it was a lot easier than I’d imagined.  They caught me reaching for the seatbelt over my left shoulder a few times (instead of the right).  That’s probably the one habit that would take a while to break.  Anyway, let’s hit the road!

The trip to Cape Point and back can easily be done in one full day.  I prefer to go clockwise, starting by going south towards Muizenberg. You might hit traffic while heading along the M4 which hugs the oceanfront, past Kalk Bay and Fish Hoek. Once you get past Simon’s Town, the road will narrow and traffic dissipate.  This is also a good opportunity to take a break from the car and get out to see the penguins at Boulder's Beach.

From here, you’ll zip along and start to notice the scenery shifts into dramatic cliffs.  When you reach the entrance to the National Park, you still have a long drive ahead of you, through an area of wide open, rolling plains, covered in fynbos and wildflowers. Cape Agulhas is the true edge of Africa, but Cape Point holds the title of the most south-western point in Africa. 

You can walk to the base of the funicular and purchase a one-way or round-trip ticket, or, walk all the way to the top to the lighthouse.  It’s a moderate incline with fantastic views.  The weather can change quite quickly, and by the time we were at the lighthouse we were surrounded in clouds.

After a few photos, we made our way down the main road and drove on to the Cape of Good Hope.  That’s where we spotted a family of baboons (and even a few ostriches!)  If you'd like to see more ostriches, conveniently located across the street from the entrance to the National Park is the Cape Point Ostrich Farm, with a nice egg and leather shop.

We hopped back in the car and drove the rest of the circle on the N2, along the western side of the peninsula.  Through Kommetjie, over the hills into Westlake, and back home into the Southern Suburbs.  It’s a must-see excursion for anyone visiting Cape Town!

*Fees estimated: R35pp for Boulders Beach, R80pp for Cape Point, R120 for gas.  Pack a picnic lunch to eat while at the park & bring plenty of water - it can get hot!

Marie Frei

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