Blue Rock

Just before the holidays, GVI Cape Town spent the day at Blue Rock, a giant quarry-turned-water-sports-playground in Somerset West (about 45 minutes outside of Cape Town). There were areas for picnicking, plenty of room for the guys to braai, and a volleyball court.

To be honest, I was kind of apprehensive to try wake boarding for the first time, but it was SO much fun. I was burning through the first, then the second, then the third turn (yeah!!) mist flying in my eyes and clenching my jaw with determination (determined not to embarrass myself in front of my new coworkers). I made it through to the next straight away - much further than my first run. I tightened my grip and prepared for the fourth (and final) turn, coincidentally, right in front of the group enjoying their lunch. Well, the turn required a much bigger arc than I had prepared for, and, well… this is how it ended:

Hope your week was a little more successful than mine!

Marie Frei

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