Table Mountain

(iKapa Coat Rack from New Moon Africa)

I can't believe around this time last year, I was contorting myself into some really awkward positions, attempting fall asleep (and not disturb my neighbors) on the next 20 or so hours of my flight.  Just me, my ipod, and my one carry-on, ready to discover Southern Africa.

Did I hate every hour of that flight?  Not entirely... especially not once I lay eyes on Table Mountain from the plane windows across the aisle.  No matter how jet-lagged, everyone on that side of the plane had their shade up, and watched it pass by as we fell lower and lower into Cape Town.  And in that instant, I forgot any and all discomfort, and couldn't wait to set foot on a new continent.


(The best view of Table Mountain is from Robben Island!)

Marie Frei

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