A Visit to Herkimer Diamonds

When I first heard about Herkimer Diamond mine, I knew I wanted to go on a diamond prospecting adventure.

Okay, maybe not real diamonds... they're Herkimer Diamonds (clear, 6-sided, double terminating quartz crystals, if you want to get technical) and they are located in Herkimer, New York at both  Herkimer Diamond Mines or  Ace of Diamonds.

Admission at Herkimer included hammers and access to 3 of their quarries.  We didn't have much time, but it was really fun pretend like we could discover some huge treasure by running around breaking rocks.

If you can't make the trip to upstate NY, then check out a few of the rings that feature Herkimer Diamonds from Erica Weiner Jewelry (what inspired my impromptu road trip!)

Marie Frei

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